Why Us

Your own flexible, offshore, dedicated hiring team..

High Quality Service

We promise to producing the high quality work and ensuring honestly excellent service with an instant communication.

24*7 Hours Support

Our support team is working 24*7 hours to ensure everything is working as intended, hence you can sleep much better!

Response In An Hour

We guarantee we will address your problem immediately or get back to you within one hour or less in any urgency.

Your Dedicated Team

No need to pay attention at office management difficulties,but you have your own team to work with!

No Surprise Bad News

No damage will occur to or your data. For every issue, we will advise you of any potential risks at initial evaluation.

Flexible Hourly Rate

We don't have any fix hourly rate for all the designers / developers. Choose your preferred rate and stuffs according to that.

Join Our Reseller Team

Mutual Cooperation!

Peace Of Mind!

Why choose Us

Reduce Dependence on Freelancers / Providers. Our business pattern allows you to have your own employee accountable to you. You allot task to your staff and have the updates on daily based work emailed to you. Contact us all the time via phone, email (guaranteed an hour turnaround time), IM, or Skype. By working with us, you separate yourselves from the offshore aspect, while enjoying all the benefits of a devoted remote expert team for a low cost of less than $5 / hour.

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Project Manager

The free Project manager is a complete premium facility because it helps to clear up your necessities in a way that can be used and interpreted by our IT professionals. In simple words, he will work as a representative of you and co-ordinate as you. Our project manager will leave you free of all employee management troubles. No more of monitoring their work quality, deadlines, disciplinary issues etc. Your hired professionals works in our office, not at home. They only work for you based on your needs.

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What you get

We have been in this IT industry since the year 2012, very successfully serving our clients from various countries. We have developed visions on how to influence all our offshore client's needs successfully based on their geological locations. We offer guarantees for IPR protection, as essential. Ownership of all work done for you exclusively belongs to you. You own all the copyrights to the work done. All the research and development done under this project will be completely your property.

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