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How to start an IT business with “zero” investment

In this era of telecommunication revolution and with the advancement of communication networks especially Internet speed the world becomes very small perhaps shrink to a box called PC, Oh! no perhaps it shrink further enough to fit in your pocket , yes you guess it right – I am taking about your Smart phone (wonder device).

Imagine a situation hardly 5-10 years back when you decide to buy a pair of shoes.

Most of us did the following –  Fix up a date for marketing, decided the brand you are interested in, fix up a location where you want to visit, decide mode of transportation etc etc etc., even after doing all this you never had a choice to choose what you want rather you had to buy what the shop-keeper offered you, i.e, choices was very thin.

Situation now, you are laying down in your bedroom watching “Mr. Bin” along with your kids, suddenly you pick up your phone scroll through few sites browse thousands of products with the touch of your figure, compare the price and ……? That’s it your shopping is complete and the products will be delivered within 24 hrs at your door-step.

Now when we compare the above scenario, what makes this drastic change in our life-style.

Well, it is not just Computer or Mobiles, as they did exist beforehand. It is the technology which we have put in these devices and this technology is called Web Technology.

This technology has touched each and every part of our daily life from early morning till late at night.

Readers will be agreeing with me that time has changed and off-course it has changed really with the advancement of web-technology.

A commotion is seen amongst the people of this generation to “Grab the things very fast” – go and grab it become a buzz sentence, as a result the life has become very fast, and suddenly the “TIME” has become a very important factor in our day-to-day life.

There is no long queue at Banks, there is no need to go to electricity office anymore to deposit a bill, there is no need to visit school to deposit your kid’s school fees.

In fact, there is no need to step out of your house in order to have any kinds of products or services you want to have.

Peoples have now start realizing the importance and impacts of web technology, small entrepreneur and even small shopkeepers who were quite reluctant to have website for there respective business a few years back start showing there willingness to present in Web.

These factors open up a new vista for web developers, web-designers and website development firms all across the world to meet the growing demand of websites, Apps etc.

Humans are most intelligent species in this earth (I am not going to argue with the biologists who are claiming that there are few other species who are more intelligent than human!), so we took a decision to set up our own development firms and started to catch projects from various freelancing websites and few through references. Sooner we have started realizing that something is not working well after analyzing the situation we conclude that each and every individual or firms has some limitations.

A coder can’t design as artistically as a professional designer would and vice versa (there are few exceptional cases of course). Similarly we differ in skill set. A dot net developer can code ‘Dot Net’ well and not ‘PHP’ (though we have few genius who can do both just amazing!!!). Now the big questions before us is

Should not we accept a PHP project if we have an ASP.Net coder or should we refuse to accept an ASP.Net project on the plea that I have a good PHP coder only.

The simple and linear answer is no we must not ever say ‘NO’ to any of our clients especially when you are in a long relationship with your clients.

There is also totally different scenario altogether which impact the survival and growth of an organization. We do realize this, let us suppose a Client / Software Firm after searching for a very long time find a good developer thereafter by searching various freelancing websites or referrals etc, got a project and when he started to realize that this developer won’t cheat him and he is enough skilled to manage his projects, and on the very second project you are just going to refuse the client as you don’t have the relevant skill set for that particular project, then what the client will face! the first thought he will face ‘ah! I need to find another developer again from scratch!’. From another thought, this is not good to just say the client that ‘Yes! I can do this project’ and then just escape from there! So, how to overcome this situation?

To overcome the situation we need to follow the basic and most important rule of mankind, We need to walk together along the pathway. We need to open our helping hand to each other to accomplish something which is not possible all alone. All of us know, the success of an application, a website, an app etc depends on client’s satisfaction, and final deliverables, acceptance are metrics to measure this satisfaction. We need to work together to make these final deliverables perfect and error less. So, now the scenario is:

A dot net coder will ask a small development firm or an individual to help him with a PHP project and vice versa.

A Graphic designer will communicate with a firm or an individual who will help him to complete the coding aspects and vice versa.

An entrepreneur who has the capacity to catch projects based on his communication power and trust worthy nature, will collaborate with a firm or an individual in order to complete the project.

So, now anybody who have proper skill set in a single area can start his / her own business without worrying about technical skills requisition, manpower crunch, initial investments, basic office costs etc., and explore other technological areas as well. Anybody who have the will to start an IT company can start in “ZERO” investment.

You can relax when someone else is there to help you completing your tasks!. The only thing we need to do is to focus on our area of perfection and thereby collaborate with each other. Needless to mention that the reward of the project will be shared between on the basis of a pre mutually understandable agreement.

To conclude, it is evident that there are just benefits and no harm for both of us if we can share some of our tasks with each other in order to running our business successfully. Don’t let your business suffer because of non-availability of resources, let’s grow together!